Setup in the summer of 2016, our main aim is to increase the standard and opportunities that are available to children within Physical Education and sport. We believe in delivering high quality Physical Education and sport that upskills children to become physically literate, with the skills they require for lifelong participation in sport and a healthy and active lifestyle.


We were founded by Keith Willock, a highly knowledgeable Teacher of Physical Education with twelve years of experience in primary and secondary Physical Education and school sport. His wealth of experience in this sector allows him to focus on developing outstanding Physical Education and sport for your school and children. Keith is focused on ensuring that all children develop the skills and acquire the knowledge needed to become physically literate.

Keith’s experience in Physical Education and sport ranges not only from teaching and coaching but also as a School Sports Co-ordinator, Leadership and Coaching Co-ordinator and as a PDM Project Manager within different educational establishments. His wealth of experience in this sector allows him to focus on developing outstanding Physical Education for your school and children.


Alongside this, Keith is a high-level coach having completed numerous coaching awards in different sports including the Level 3 advanced coach award in basketball. Keith has coaching experience at a variety of clubs, with players of all ages and abilities that wish to perform at different levels of competition. This experience allows him to understand how young people learn best and the environment required to facilitate this.


We are passionate about delivering high quality Physical Education and sport. At the heart of this are our key beliefs that shape how to make learning fun and inspire lifelong participation: -

  1. Let them play - accelerate learning through small sided games

  2. Encourage problem solving and allow opportunities to make mistakes

  3. Learning is active and constant, no sharing of equipment or waiting in line for a turn

  4. Provide challenges for all abilities at a suitable level

  5. Use technology to engage, excite and motivate

We aim to develop children, teachers and coaches in Physical Education and sport to be the best that they can be. Regardless of their ethnicity, gender, age, or economic status, we believe that every child or adult has the right to learn and play in a fun and safe environment. Physical Education and sport should be a vehicle for breaking down cultural, social and economic boundaries.


We achieve this by supporting the established primary and secondary structures in education whilst we focus on constantly striving to improve and innovate. We also support and work with local and national organisations to promote and deliver initiatives and community clubs to increase the standard of coaching offered and the uptake of young people in sport.


Mr. A Thompson

PE Co-coordinator at Wood Fold Primary School

Using the “Upskill my PE” programme in our school, we have experienced high quality teaching and staff coaching. Working alongside our teachers Mr Willock has given support and guidance to help improve the way they deliver P.E. It is a pleasure to work alongside Mr Willock and we as a school feel fortunate that we have his expertise to coach our staff to their full potential.

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