Our consultancy service brings together our belief in supporting children, teachers and coaches to be the best that they can be. We offer support, guidance and strategic advice in Physical Education and community sport. To ensure children and young people receive the provision they need, to be the best they can be, we offer the following areas of expertise: -

Our consultancy service is tailored to you and your organisation to meet the identified and agreed targets of your school, community club, agency or individual. The long term sustainability of any project we undertake needs to be "client centred and led". Ownership of a project by our clients ensures that there will be significant and measureable success. Our support and guidance in any project is bespoke and tailored to so that agreed targets are met and performance indicators successfully achieved.

  • Student leadership and volunteering across the National Curriculum including the development of a leadership academy

  • Mentoring and supporting the development of sports coaches in the community

  • Strategic support in the submission of grants and funding applications

  • Planning and support in the development of enrichment programmes and activities

  • Creating cross-curricular links for how Physical Education and sport can be used as a vehicle in education

Mr. A Thompson

PE Co-coordinator at Wood Fold Primary School

Using the “Upskill my PE” programme in our school, we have experienced high quality teaching and staff coaching. Working alongside our teachers Mr Willock has given support and guidance to help improve the way they deliver P.E. It is a pleasure to work alongside Mr Willock and we as a school feel fortunate that we have his expertise to coach our staff to their full potential.

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