In September 2016 we launched the Upskill my PE programme. The aim of this programme is to empower and upskill primary school teachers to leave a lasting and sustainable Physical Education provision across each individual school that we work with.

Our Specialist PE & Sport Practitioner will work with your subject leader and individual teachers to tailor a programme designed to progress and maintain the delivery of outstanding Physical Education in your school. Outstanding Ofsted lesson plans are provided from schemes of work and delivered by our Practitioner alongside your teaching staff for EYFS, Key Stage 1 and 2. All aspects of the National Curriculum for Physical Education are taught including innovative ideas for cross curricular links to develop each child's Numeracy and Literacy skills.



Your teaching staff will upskill their knowledge, strategies and confidence to deliver consistently excellent Physical Education lessons across the National Curriculum. Teachers are provided with a bespoke service to meet their individual needs. This includes developing their knowledge of key teaching points, how to challenge all children through appropriate differenation and how to measure progress effectively for all children they are responsible for.

This is developed through informal observations, team teaching and a CPD development plan. Feedback is provided to ensure that all teaching staff are "upskilled" in their professional development. Each staff member is provided with recommendations on how they can continue to develop their skills and knowledge in Physical Education and Sport.

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  • Your teaching staff will change their planning, teaching style and structure of their delivery

  • Improve the quality of your provision, resulting in more positive attitudes to PE and physical           activity

  • Upskill your teaching staff in their existing knowledge of gymnastics, health related fitness and games activities

  • Greater progression and enjoyment in your lessons using better quality and more appropriate equipment

  • Significant improvement in Physical Literacy levels and an acceleration in each child’s progress

  • Renewed passion for PE from your staff and an understanding that it is a vehicle for whole school improvement

  • Implement the use of ICT within your lessons to engage, excite and motivate children


"The children love playing small sided games and I have developed confidence in creating them"

"The value of giving children more responsibility to lead their own learning in a PE lesson"

"ICT can be used effectively in PE to self and peer assess children"

"I have developed my planning of activities to include challenging progressions"

"My class loved having PE lessons outside in a safe and appropriate environment. Something I didn't have the confidence to do!"


Mr. A Thompson

PE Co-coordinator at Wood Fold Primary School

Using the “Upskill my PE” programme in our school, we have experienced high quality teaching and staff coaching. Working alongside our teachers Mr Willock has given support and guidance to help improve the way they deliver P.E. It is a pleasure to work alongside Mr Willock and we as a school feel fortunate that we have his expertise to coach our staff to their full potential.

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